Yarn Bending!

Crochet has always been part of my life in some way or another, but only the past few years have I actively done anything with yarn other than wear it. I watched my grandmother crochet bracelets and adorn them with all sorts of buttons; my mother always had a stash of yarn that sat in the corner of her closet, never to be touched. Not until she gave it all to me after I started teaching myself to crochet, and I didn’t really teach myself! I had quite a lot of help from people on YouTube and various websites, and I still frequent said places.

Now I cannot get enough yarn, hooks, or time to satisfy the want to make all sorts of things! It’s official – I am an addict. I love to create, and I have trouble passing anywhere that sells yarn without giving it a wistful glance. The majority of my closet space is yarn, and I have several bags with unfinished projects sitting around the room.

This blog started because I want to show you what I have done, what I am doing, and what I want to do. Criticisms, advice, general comments about this or that are all encouraged and appreciated. I want to enjoy this craft with others like me! It is energizing to be able to share what you are working on with someone or several someones who take part in the same craft as you!


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