WIP: The Yoda Hat | Edited 03/31/2015

This project got its start thanks to the Chicago White Sox.  On Friday the 29th they’ll be holding Star Wars night wherein $5 from each ticket sale goes to Stand Up to Cancer, and to top that off the first 750 people to purchase their ticket will get a Star Wars/White Sox beanie.  My guy is a Star Wars fan and a White Sox fan through and through, and has quickly reminded me through his enthusiasm what I used to love so much about baseball – what a game!  Once he saw the beanie he asked if I could make him one, so I went on the hunt for an R2D2 hat pattern.  I found several patterns over the course of the ballgame and showed him a handful to choose from.  He scrutinized and hemmed and hawed before conducting a search of his own, and it did not take him long to find The Yoda Hat.  This is the first hat I have made in almost a year, and I have to admit that I miss hats!

So far I’m pretty close to finished.  All that’s left are the ears and, of course, the final fitting!

Yoda 1 Yoda 2 Yoda 3

Edit – 03/31/2015

Adding a photo of the finished product.  My guy doesn’t want his face plastered up on the internet, and I apologize for the fuzziness.  My phone camera is horrible, but it’s all I had with me at the time.  I will try to get a better photo next time I’m there.


3 thoughts on “WIP: The Yoda Hat | Edited 03/31/2015

  1. I’m wondering if you have kept a copy of this pattern? It’s been taken off its original blog due to “copyright reasons”, and I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks!


    1. I apologize for the length of time between your inquiry and my response! I don’t know if my email ate the notification or if it was hidden in the spam folder. When I made the hat, I used my favorite hat pattern and then crocheted the ears using two strands of yarn together to make them more durable. If I remember correctly, the pattern for the ears was for HDC, decreasing as you go toward the ear-tip. I made them a little larger, so it’s however many you need to make them however big you want. I’ll edit this post to include a photo of the finished hat.


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